Welcome to Christmas in Alabama

Christmas 2014 -

There will be no show this year. New tenants are now living in the old house, and we have no good place to put a display.
I thought I'd take a second to answer a few questions I have been asked.

We are not decorating or producing a display anywhere this year. I Have not been hired by any other displays, and have no contact with Bellingrath or Hank Aaron stadiums displays.
I am taking some vacations this season and doing the things I was unable to do for the past 8 years and spending time with my family. I have sold most of my regular LEDs and many of the incandecent lights, but have kept most of my electronics and controllers "just in case".

Christmas 2013 - The Final Show

We have had the pleasure of putting on a musically synchronized light show for 8 years now. It has brought much joy to us to see the smiling faces and hear the children cheer as they enjoyed the show, but sadly, 2013 will be the last year we are able to put on the display.

The Bradley Family.

Fox 10 2013 Interview

Power 88 Radio Interview 2013

New section on the website : MUSIC!

I'm always being asked about the music at Christmas in Alabama
So I've added a section here that tells you all about the songs HERE

2011 Display Pictures


Here is a quick clip of our Snowman's Toy Factory from 2007.
Snowballs are shoveled into the factury chute, where they are processed and come out as Teddy Bears. The bears go down a conveyor where they drop into a box, which is then tossed into the train for delivery. The conveyor belts aren't working as I'd like , since they were built with these lights. After the seaon, we will have to rebuild the belts, as we already have rebuilt the snowflakes and snowballs.


Click Here for some videos of the 2006 and 2007 display