How to Repair Mini-Light Strings

One tool I use that has paid for itself it the Light Keeper Pro.

Many times, you'll have a string of lights that only half of the string lights up.
You probably have tried pulling lights and testing them until you find the one that was bad.
While this works most of the time, it gets old fast.

In comes the Light Keeper Pro.
Merely remove one of the bulbs in the section that is unlit, and plug it into the LKP.

Pull the trigger.
I ususally pull 10 times quickly.MOST of the time, like magic, the string comes to life.
There will now be one or two lights not shining. Sinply replace those, and you are good.

Some of you may be thinking, "For a couple of bucks a string, I's rather just buy another string."
To those, I say.
"Once the lights are UP, its a LOT easier to repair them in place than to remove them and replace them with a new string."
and . . .since I bought the Light Keeper Pro for this, I may as well save these strings instead of throwing them out!

For info on how the LKP works, vist their website at
To buy one try